Three Applications Blind Bolts Are Used For

Blindbolt NZ | 20th October 2020

Blind Bolt

Blind Bolt

Whether you’ve heard of them or not, blind bolts play a huge role in the modern world. They literally hold large parts of that world together, because these unobtrusive fasteners are used by builders and engineers to make sure that structures are stable and secure for many years to come. For industries and businesses of every kind, blind bolts have a vital role to play.

They’re called blind bolts because you can install them through a pre-drilled hole without needing to have access to the other side of the material. Each blind bolt is made up of a steel pin, a collar and a sleeve. Put them all together and you have a fastener which is extremely strong and incredibly versatile. There’s virtually no end to the areas in which blind bolts can be used, but these are a few of the most common applications:

Blind Bolts in The Construction Industry

Architects, builders and engineers working in the construction industry make extensive use of blind bolts when fastening building materials, thanks to the safe and secure results they promise. One area of construction which makes particular use of blind bolts is masonry support systems. These consist of bracket angle supports which create a horizontal ledge to reinforce and support the masonry attached to stone-clad buildings.

The ease of installation of blind bolts, allied to the strength they offer, makes them the perfect choice for fixing angle supports to masonry wall panels. In addition to this, blind bolts are frequently used when attaching cladding and facades to the actual structure of a building. Cladding of this kind is often intended to deal with environmental issues such as wind load or snow, and blind bolts are utilised because they offer the strength needed to cope with factors of this kind and keep the cladding in place.

Blind Bolts in The Industrial Sector

The industrial sector as a whole is ideally suited to a widespread reliance on the effectiveness of blind bolts. They are the perfect fastener for the aerospace engineering sector thanks to factors such as ease of installation, resistance to corrosion and strength, and these qualities are equally applicable to other industries. Heavy machinery which has to deal with constant, demanding use, for example, often makes use of the strength, durability and security of blind bolts.

Blind Bolts in Marine Environments

The uniquely corrosive nature of many marine environments makes them the perfect setting for the use of stainless steel blind bolts. From domestic jobs to large scale tasks such as strengthening marina walls, blind bolts offer the security and strength which aquatic environments demand as a matter of course. Using high-grade stainless steel bolts means that the fastening in question won’t degrade and corrode even if it is submerged for a prolonged period of time.

Bolted Shut

The number and variety of industries which rely on blind bolts underlines the fact that they are a multi-purpose fastener for both today and the future. Here at Blind Bolt we never stop finding new ways of improving our blind fasteners. At the same time, we come up with new areas and sectors in which our products can save our customers time and money, as well as increasing the range of bolt sizes to meet the demands our clients place on them.

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