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Hollow Section Bolts for Hollow Sections

Advantages of using hollow section. (RHS, SHS, HSS)


Hollow sections are used throughout the construction industry, and it isn’t difficult to work out why. Hollow sections come in square, rectangular or circular form, and in all cases provide consistent and reliable strength across every axis, thanks to uniform geometry and construction.

Designers and builders often value hollow sections for their visual appeal, while the fact they are more lightweight than solid units means that they offer a more versatile option without any loss of torsional stiffness.

Able to deal with shifting or uneven loads or twisting forces, hollow sections offer the ideal solution for tasks such as supporting infill panels or cladding.An additional plus point of hollow sections is the enclosed nature of the interior. This means that in environments which involve falling leaves or wind-blown litter, for example, debris won’t be able to collect in a hazardous manner, as it might on an open ledge construction.

In years gone by the closed in nature of a hollow section meant that it was impossible to attach a bolt, as the inner face of the section was inaccessible. This often meant that construction had to make use of welding to connect hollow sections, something which provided inconsistent results and was difficult and time consuming to carry out on site.

Working with Blind Bolts, on the other hand, means that hollow sections can be connected in a way which is quick, convenient and consistently effective. When you use our hollow section bolts you don’t have to drill larger holes or employ specialist equipment, meaning that they’re the perfect choice for working quickly even in the most difficult to access spots.

Hollow sections are frequently the very best solution for a job, and whether you need thin wall bolts or heavy duty bolts, our blind fixings ensure that you can always make use of that solution. Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also complete a project safe in the knowledge that every single joint is as strong and firm as you need it to be.

Hollow Section Bolts

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