What Are Blindbolts?

In the first instance, Blindbolts are a range of mechanical fixings able to cope with high shear and tensile loads. The design is such that Blindbolts can easily handle loads up to a level which is slightly less than that handled by a standard bolt in the same circumstances. Visit our tech page for full details of the technical data regarding Blindbolts.

The Blindbolt is the only fixing of its kind which is genuinely removable, and therefore can be reinstalled rather than a new bolt having to be purchased. The HD and TW bolts are not removable but compensate for this by being extremely quick and simple to install.


The different types of Blindbolts work in a variety of ways. The original Blindbolt, for example, is operated by gravity, and utilities a toggle that rotates around a pivot pin which isn’t load-bearing. Key advantages of these Blindbolts include the fact that they can be used horizontally or vertically, and are fully removable. There are also Heavy Duty (HD) bolts designed to be used for structural connections and Thin Wall (TW) bolts which are the perfect choice for light steel frame connections. The HD and TW bolts work through expansion and this means that they can be used at any angle and in any position.

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