Blind Bolts combine technical innovation with a brand new way of looking at an existing set of problems. Every one of our blind fasteners, from heavy duty bolts to thin wall bolts, is manufactured to the same high quality and offers the reassurance of durability and effectiveness.

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Our global distribution network means that our Blind Bolts are being used in all corners of the globe, and we never stop being surprised and impressed by the new applications which our clients manage to come up with. From hollow section bolts to box section fixings and beyond, we take pride in the fact that our products are making a real difference to the working life of designers, engineers, architects, planners and builders.

Blind bolts work in the widest possible range of conditions, offering the flexibility and convenience of utilisation without the need to use specialist tools or drill oversized holes. Where other products cause costly delays or simply aren’t up to the job, our blind fixings keep things simple and costs lower.

The applications for which Blind Bolts provide the perfect solution include fixing cladding and facades to the exteriors of buildings and keeping masonry support systems securely in place. They also work without any reduction in effectiveness, quality or convenience when utilised in highly corrosive environments such as saltwater marinas. We know from experience that there’s virtually no end to the innovative uses to which Blind Bolt fasteners can be put, and we’re always looking out for new and exciting ways in which they can make the lives of engineers, designers, architects and builders much easier.

Take a look at our applications and find the solution that meets your requirements.

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Take a look at our applications and find the solution that meets your requirements.

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