Masonry Support Systems

Blind Fixings for Masonry Support Systems

Connecting masonry support systems to hollow sections through the use of blind fixings.

When you want to finish a steel or concrete framed structure with an outer shell of bricks, masonry or concrete blocks, then you have to make use of a masonry support system.

Also known as Brickwork Support Systems, these are a means via which it is possible to combine the speed of a steel or concrete frame with the superior appearance of bricks or masonry. In this way a degree of style can be achieved without sacrificing efficiency.

In practical terms a masonry support system takes form of a horizontal ledge capable of bearing the load of any masonry wall panels positioned above it.

Using this kind of system means that a building can be finished to a fixed timetable and within budget while still enjoying the benefits of a brick or stone exterior. These benefits include visual appeal, low maintenance costs and durability.

Most masonry support systems are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, and are generally one of four types:


  • Individual bracket angle support
  • Off the shelf systems
  • Continues angle
  • Welded steel bracket angle
Blind Bolt Masonry Support Systems

Irrespective of the particular type being used, the successful utilisation of a system of this kind relies upon the way in which it is fixed to the frame of the building. Using Blind Bolts for this purpose offers two advantages – it guarantees the security and stability of the system and it maximises the speed and convenience with which it can be put in place. The versatility of Blind Bolt fasteners means the masonry support system being used can be attached to parts of a building which might otherwise not be accessible. This is achieved because our blind fixings can be used without needing to drill larger than usual holes or fall back on specialised equipment. By combining speed and convenience with longevity and high quality manufacturing, Blind Bolts provide complete peace of mind.

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