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Blind Fixings for Cladding & Facades

Designers, architects and builders will sometimes seek a quick and easily applied solution to the issue of changing the external appearance of a building.

Rather than building brick walls, for example, which form part of the structure of the building, the solution often involves using cladding or a façade.

This is a component which is attached to exterior of a building to form a covering which alters the appearance of the building without changing the actual structure.

As such it is a far cheaper, quicker and more convenient option than reworking the building itself or applying a render directly onto the surface

Although, strictly speaking, cladding doesn’t impact upon the stability of a structure, there are still structural matters to bear in mind when attaching it. Not only will any façade transfer its own weight onto the building itself, it will also transfer the burden of other factors such as impact load.

Wind load, in particular, is capable of exerting a large amount of pressure on the surface of the building, and the cladding has to be strong enough to cope with this pressure. No matter how strong any facade is, however, it will only ever be truly effective if it is attached as securely as possible, and this is what makes Blind Bolts the safest option when fitting cladding.

The fact that our hollow bolts can be fitted without using specialised equipment means that it becomes much simpler, as well as quicker and more cost effective, to fit cladding. Our heavy duty bolts offer a combination of innovative design and high quality engineering which means that stability and security are guaranteed. Any façade or cladding attached with Blind Bolts is every bit as stable as the underlying structure it has been attached to.

Blind Bolt Cladding & facades

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