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The versatility of the Blind Bolt means that our clients are constantly devising different applications and new uses.

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The Blind Bolt Fixings

We reflect this innovation by manufacturing an increasing number of new sizes, all designed to save time and money. Blind Bolts have rendered the preceding generation of blind fixings more or less obsolete.

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How to Fit a Blind Bolt

The best fastener is one which stays in place for a long period of time without requiring a lot of maintenance, enabling projects to be completed quickly and simply. Blind bolts offer these properties which is why they’ve become incredibly popular over just a short period.

Fitting a blind bolt isn’t just a question of twisting it into a hole, however. In order to make sure that the bolt is fitted correctly the following factors have to be considered:

  • The size of the hole
  • The length of the joint
  • The angle
  • The tools needed for the job.

If all of these factors are taken into account and the bolt fitted correctly you can be certain it won’t fail over time.

  1. The Size of the Hole

    Two factors are directly determined by the size of the hole, and these are the length of the grip and the length of the blind bolt itself. These are two different measurements impacting on the solidity of the joint, so both have to be taken into account. In simple terms, if a bolt is too big or too small for the hole in question it could work loose. In most cases, a supplier will provide a guide which can be used to gauge the correct length, or you could purchase grip gauges. Using a meter means that you can check which sizes are suitable after drilling a hole.

  2. Choose the Best Type of Blind Bolt

    The many variations of blind bolt on offer are a huge benefit, but they can also be a problem. The problem arises because it can be tricky to decide exactly which bolt is the right bolt for the job in hand. Blind Bolts ranging from hollow wall to heavy duty can be purchased online and in stores, so it’s vital to know exactly what you need before making a purchase. Success means matching the right bolt to each project. The following are examples of the properties of two bolts:

    M8 diameter – tension and shear capacity of 9.8pt and 14.6ps respectively
    M30 diameter – tension and shear capacity of 174.5pt and 224.0ps respectively
    This means that if you’re doing a job which involves high levels of pressure the M30 would be the best choice.

  3. Proper Equipment

    It’s possible to install a blind bolt with just a screwdriver and lots of effort, but no matter how hard you work the joint won’t be completely flush, and this will impact on the tensile and shear strength of that bolt. To do the job properly you have to invest in hydraulic and power tools which can set the bolt in position quickly and easily. Tools of this kind won’t just provide maximum strength and efficiency, they will also provide a more professional finish to the job. If hand held tools are utilised, make sure that they apply sufficient power to the bolts.

  4. If the Bolt Isn’t Fitted Correctly

    The seal created by the bolt should be completely flush, and if it isn’t the bolt needs to be removed and re-fitted. In some cases it will be enough to simply loosen the bolt and push it further into the hole, creating a tighter grip. If this doesn’t work it might be worth reconsidering the type of bolt being used, as this can impact your installation. Our installation and removal videos contain more detailed information.

    If utilised correctly, Blind Bolts are extremely effective while still being affordable.

  5. Bolted Shut

    Blind bolts offer a flexible solution, with the range of sizes on offer increasing to meet client requirements. In addition, the versatility of the bolts means that we’re always coming up with new ways in which they can be used to save clients time and money.

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    The challenge once offered by fixing a box section or girder cavity has been radically simplified by the Blind Bolt. It’s this simplification which means the vast majority of projects using blind fixings save time and money.

    Even though we design and manufacture Blind fixings, we are still often surprised by the sheer range of applications in which they now feature. If you have any questions, get in touch by contacting us using the details below:
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    For detailed information on installation or removal, please view our Blind Bolt Installation and removal guide Blind Bolt Fitting Instructions

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