Blind Bolts for Marina Fixing Applications

Working in a difficult environment such as a building site in bad weather, or on inaccessible parts of a high structure like a bridge, can present unique challenges when it comes to utilising bolts in order to undertake construction or repair tasks. The fact that Blind Bolts have been designed and manufactured with ease of use as a major factor means that they offer the perfect solution for working in difficult places, and a marina offers an excellent example.

A marina presents challenges all of its’ own. The first of these is the corrosive nature of saltwater, and the second is the unpredictable weather which is more likely to be found around the coast. The problems of rust and corrosion are dealt with by the fact that all of our Blind Bolt Fasteners, from thin wall bolts to heavy duty bolts, are made of 316 grade (A4) stainless steel.

The impact of the unpredictable nature of the working environment in a marina is lessened considerably by the ease and speed with which blind fasteners can be used. During a spell of fine weather, for example, it would be possible to perform tasks like fixing a retaining wall or constructing part of a pontoon, thanks to the speed at which Blind Bolts operate.

Not having to use specialised equipment means that the bolts can be used in parts of a marina which would otherwise be harder to reach and, once in place, they’ll remain stable and secure no matter what impact the sea might have.

Marina Fixing Applications

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